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Chris Barrigar

Pastor, St.Peter's Anglican Church, Montreal

Chris Barrigar is pastor of St. Peter's Anglican Church, a multilingual, multicultural community in Town of Mount Royal (Montreal), QC. Chris has a PhD in Philosophy from McGill University, and has taught for a range of Canadian, South Asian, and British institutions.
Why Doesn't Anyone Mention the Good Things About TWU's Law HKGYTW via Getty Images

Why Doesn't Anyone Mention the Good Things About TWU's Law School?

The law societies need to stop speaking as if they themselves are pure as the driven snow and that TWU grads are evil incarnate, for there are signs that TWU grads will contribute significant virtues to the legal profession in Canada. Precisely because of TWU's explicit emphasis on character formation and Christian ethics, I predict TWU's program will produce proportionally fewer tax-evading, client-defrauding, and law society-disciplined lawyers than any other law school in Canada.
05/07/2014 05:57 EDT
MORE BACKLASH: Quebec Protests Are Now Mob CP

MORE BACKLASH: Quebec Protests Are Now Mob Rule

Protesters claim the new emergency law, Bill 78, is an infringement on their right of free assembly. Nonsense. I was involved in a series of marches a number of years ago in downtown Montreal, in which the organizers worked with police weeks in advance. This was out of concern for those who would be affected by these marches. These boycotters do not care what harm they cause others. Their attitude is "You have to respect my rights, but I don't have to respect yours."
06/04/2012 12:51 EDT