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Chris Bruntlett

Modacity Co-Founder, Bicycle Urbanist

Chris Bruntlett is an architectural designer who has always used the humble bicycle to get around. After moving to Vancouver in 2007, however, he saw city officials focusing their efforts on bicycle policy and infrastructure, while continuing to overlook a critical third prong of increasing ridership: marketing the cycling lifestyle. He felt motivated to address the gap currently being filled by advocacy groups and the bicycle industry, who fell into the trap of dangerizing, politicizing, and overcomplicating the act of citizen cycling. <br> <br> Most recently, Chris founded <a href="" rel="nofollow">Modacity</a>, a multi-service consultancy focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film. He is a regular contributor for numerous online and print publications, including Spacing Magazine, Momentum Magazine, and the Vancouver Courier. Chris also produced several award-winning short films (called the Cycle Chic Films), that showcase people in Vancouver using a bicycle in their everyday lives. <br> <br> Chris regularly speaks to city officials, advocacy groups, and transportation departments about promoting cycling more effectively. He cherishes the ability to live in a dense, vibrant, sustainable city; and contribute to that vision on a daily basis.
Canada by Cargo

Canada by Cargo Bike

This would be the first time anyone attempted such a vast distance on a cargo bike. But Lamar saw it as the perfect way to show people across the country what a cargo bike is, and what it is capable of. The mission was a simple one: "I wanted to inspire individuals, families, and businesses to consider the endless possibilities of a cargo bike."
12/19/2014 01:07 EST