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Chris LaBossiere

CEO and Entrepreneur. Passionate about a modern economy and sustainable quality of life in Edmonton and Alberta.

Chris LaBossiere is an Edmonton entrepreneur, angel investor and CEO / Co-founder of Yardstick Software. He's passionate about community building and supporting new business ideas and their owners. Chris is the Past President of the Alberta Party and enjoys tackling political ideas as a radical-centrist.
Edmonton's Transformation and our Arena

Edmonton's Transformation and our Arena Debate

So where does this put me now? I am right back on the fence, with a growing group of citizens, who think the Katz Group needs to communicate exactly how they fit into a greater community. They'll do that by making me trust their owner cares as much for the non-hockey fan than they do their direct customers and shareholder. I'd never ask for something so seemingly "social" from a business, operating under a privately funded model. But the Oilers are not that.
09/17/2012 10:52 EDT