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As the founder of, Chris has spent much of the past few years perched on bar stools in some of the finest beer bars in Southern Ontario. His posts range from beer reviews to interviews to news and events, and even the occasional opinionated beer-related editorial. He is also the cellarman at his local bar, Castro's Lounge, where he maintains the four cask beer lines, as well as the draught and bottle selection. In a past life, he did his apprenticeship cooking at a French bistro, and still can make a mean crème brûlée.
Why I'm Not Eating Food For 40

Why I'm Not Eating Food For 40 Days

On Wednesday, March 5, at about 12:40 a.m. I ate 7 delicious samosas. I haven't had a bite since. I have taken on the seemingly crazy goal of fasting from solid food for the 40 days of Lent. While Lent is definitely a time for quiet reflection and thankfulness, more importantly, it is a time of training.
03/12/2014 05:27 EDT
Drinking During Pregnancy: The Ultimate

Drinking During Pregnancy: The Ultimate Taboo

When was the last time you saw a pregnant woman sipping a beer? If you are North American, the answer might be <strong>never</strong>. You might also be surprised to learn that in much of Europe, it's actually not unusual at all. Now, more and more women I know are choosing not to totally abstain from alcohol during their pregnancies. And everyone in their lives are completely losing their minds about it.
12/06/2013 05:42 EST
A Brew to Celebrate Beer and

A Brew to Celebrate Beer and Hockey

From the owner's box at the Bell Centre to the change room at the local rink after a pick-up game in Whitehorse, there is one thing that is clear: beer and hockey go together. So it is no surprise that the NHL Alumni Association reached out to partner with a brewery to produce a beer to celebrate that reality.
10/11/2013 11:30 EDT
The Glass That Makes Beer Taste

The Glass That Makes Beer Taste Better

How do you drink your beer? Do you swig it straight from the bottle or can? Do you have a favourite glass? Do you observe the somewhat eccentric and detailed minutiae of beer-glass-style heuristics? If I told you a new type of glass could make your beer taste better, would you believe me? You should.
10/03/2013 12:17 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: Campfire

Summer Beer Guide: Campfire Beers

While many of the BBQ beers from last week are well suited to a campfire, drawing on the smokey characters from the fire (especially if you are roasting hotdogs), I want to dig into a different style, Old Ales and Barleywines.
07/05/2013 05:03 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: BBQ

Summer Beer Guide: BBQ Beers

Stouts and porters, particularly higher alcohol ones, can be perfect beers for a long cold Canadian winter. However, when thinking about pairing beer and food, it would be hard to find a better beer to accompany rich smokey BBQ meats, than a roasty or smokey porter or stout.
06/27/2013 08:44 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: Lawnmower

Summer Beer Guide: Lawnmower Beers

Following my posts on Wheat Beers, Fruit Beers and Sour Beers, today we are going to explore Lawnmower Beers. There is no denying, more people probably reach for a light lager after cutting the grass or weeding the garden, than anything else.
06/20/2013 12:14 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: Sour

Summer Beer Guide: Sour Ales

Today we are going to cover a type of beer that is probably unfamiliar to many folks, sour ales, and specifically Belgian-style Saisons and German-style Berliner Weisse. For many, the thought of a beer being sour at all is a strange one.
06/13/2013 05:14 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: Fruit

Summer Beer Guide: Fruit Beer

Because of this variety of styles, even if you've had one fruit beer you didn't particularly like, it's never a bad idea to try one that is new to you. For many people who "don't like beer", a fruit beer is often an option that they actually enjoy.
06/05/2013 12:26 EDT
Summer Beer Guide: Wheat

Summer Beer Guide: Wheat Beer

One of the most obvious "summer" styles are wheat beers. These beers are generally bright, slightly tart or sour, quite refreshing, and generally weigh-in at 5 per cent or less. I've also got a BBQ recipe for Orange Glazed Pork Chops that includes a wheat beer.
05/28/2013 07:58 EDT
How I Judge the

How I Judge the "Best Beer"

I often get asked, "What's the best beer you've ever had?" This is an interesting question, as it's not "what's your favourite beer?", a much easier question to answer. I also don't hear this question as being "what's the best-made beer you've ever had?" in which case Westvleteren would easily be high on the list. It's not strictly about the brewer's craft.
12/18/2012 08:19 EST
The Community Event Every City Should

The Community Event Every City Should Emulate

The Red Carpet is buzzing. Flashbulbs popping, interviewers shouting questions, fans waving signs and asking for autographs; it feels like early September at TIFF. Except this is late fall, and the people walking into the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema aren't Hollywood Starlets and Studs, but ordinary people from the community.
12/13/2012 12:32 EST
Why Do Breasts Always Have to Sell

Why Do Breasts Always Have to Sell Beer?

Using women's bodies to sell alcohol is probably the thing I hate most about the broader beer culture in the western world. Possibly it's because I have a daughter now, and I'm thinking about my actions as a man, particularly relating to how they relate to girls and young women who are growing up in a messed up world.
11/30/2012 05:15 EST