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Chris Tsang

Owner, Mindzai

Playing off the words mind’s eye, Mindzai is a Toronto-based boutique that offers the largest curated selection of designer based toy and streetwear brands in Canada. Founded by Chris Tsang, a toy-collector himself, Mindzai is a creative and imaginative space for urban art and toy enthusiasts alike. Offering high-end collector brands, art and streetwear apparel, all products are available online at Follow Mindzai on Twitter @mindzai, Facebook and Instagram @mindzai.
Buy a Vinyl Toy for the

Buy a Vinyl Toy for the Holidays

What started out as an artistic outlet to celebrate toy culture has amassed to a cult following around the world. An offshoot of hip hop and youth-oriented pop culture, designer-toys, also known as "art-toys" or "urban vinyl toys," often depict figures from Asian and American culture and have become a telling piece of today's youth culture.
12/18/2013 12:20 EST