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Chris Umiastowski

I’m a former sell side equity analyst. I spent just over 10 years on Bay Street in Toronto covering tech stocks at Yorkton Securities, which later became Orion Securities, until I moved to TD Securities in 2004. I left TD in January 2011 to take a “mini retirement” inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Work Week. Prior to being a tech analyst I was an engineer for Nortel Networks, and before that, JDS Fitel (now JDSU).
RIM's Much-Needed New AFP/Getty Images

RIM's Much-Needed New Blood

Thorsten Heins looks like a natural choice for RIM's next CEO. He's experienced enough within RIM to understand the culture and the challenges. But he's also fresh enough, with only four of his 27 years in industry spent at RIM. He's not going to let emotion and history blind him.
01/23/2012 06:39 EST