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Christian Cotroneo

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Drunk-Driving Deaths In BC Halved

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- VANCOUVER - For police officers, it's one of the worst jobs: knocking on strangers' doors, telling them their loved ones have been killed by drunk drivers. "Nobody expects it," s...
07/11/2011 08:30 EDT

5 Firms Win Rights To Drill In Canada's North

CBC -- The federal government announced the winning bids on Monday for oil and gas exploration in Canada's north. The Northern Oil and Gas Directorate of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development gr...
07/04/2011 07:30 EDT

Canada Day Celebrations

CBC -- There was plenty of high-spirited fun at Canada Day celebrations at home and at similar events around the world, as Canadians gathered to celebrate the country's 144th birthday on Friday. An ev...
07/01/2011 08:24 EDT

Canadians Bound For Gaza Stopped In Greece

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONTREAL - A ship carrying Canadian protesters bound for the blockaded Gaza Strip has been prevented from leaving a port in Greece. Organizers say Greek coast guards boarded the...
07/01/2011 06:24 EDT

Soldiers Charged In Fatal Training Accident

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - More than a year after Cpl. Joshua Baker was killed and four other soldiers were wounded during a training accident in Afghanistan, two Canadian Forces members have been...
06/29/2011 10:07 EDT

A Bittersweet Farewell For Canada's Elite Troops

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Luck is a subject most combat troops don't like to talk about in the field — and certainly not on the night they go home. The palpable sense of relief the...
06/29/2011 08:03 EDT

Saluting Canada's Last Casualty?

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - More than 2,000 NATO troops turned out early in the overnight hours to bid farewell to Francis Roy, the latest Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan. Mas...
06/27/2011 08:49 EDT

Justin Bieber Knocked Down During Macy's Scuffle

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- NEW YORK, N.Y. - A scuffle outside a Macy's department store where Justin Bieber was attending a promotional event Thursday for his new fragrance was "a misunderstanding," the si...
06/23/2011 09:59 EDT

Deer Roughs Up Halifax Coffee Shop

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- HALIFAX - Patrons inside a Halifax coffee shop received more than their usual morning jolt when a young, male deer crashed through a plate glass window, jumped over some tables a...
06/20/2011 01:48 EDT

Talks Grounded As Back-To-Work Order Looms

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- TORONTO -- Despite the looming threat of back-to-work legislation, Air Canada and the union representing thousands of its striking employees didn’t appear to move any closer Wedn...
06/16/2011 11:15 EDT

Vancouver Burns After Stanley Cup Knock-Out

UPDATE: At a press conference today, Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu said there were almost 100 arrests during the riots. "This criminal element within the crowd was responsible for the burning of 15 c...
06/16/2011 06:14 EDT

Canada Reaches Out To Libyan Rebels

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - Canada will formally recognize the Libyan rebels as the legitimate government of the country. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told Parliament the rebels are the true...
06/14/2011 11:37 EDT

Canada Doles Out An Extra $2 Million For Libya

CBC -- Canada is committing another $2 million in aid for Libya, International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda announced Tuesday. "The situation in Libya remains volatile, as thousands of people remain i...
06/14/2011 01:52 EDT

Cyberattacks Are The New Face Of Espionage

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - Canada's spy agency says cyberattacks waged via the Internet are the fastest growing form of espionage. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns that the energy,...
06/13/2011 05:58 EDT

South Korean Family Allowed To Stay

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONCTON, N.B. - Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will rescind a deportation order for a South Korean family at the centre of a growing public protest in New Brunswick now that t...
06/09/2011 04:24 EDT