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Christian Cotroneo

Writer and social media editor at the Mother Nature Network

Christian Cotroneo is a former reporter and columnist at the Toronto Star. He's traveled throughout Asia as a foreign correspondent before landing back in Toronto, Canada, where he became a founding editor at HuffPost Canada. Christian was also a staff writer for the Dodo, where his passion for animal welfare opened up a whole new audience for his work.

Game On

CBC -- Vancouver Canucks fever is sweeping across B.C. as anxious fans await the start of the final round of the Stanley
06/01/2011 01:03 EDT
Winnipeg Jets Cleared For

Winnipeg Jets Cleared For Landing

(The Canadian Press) -- WINNIPEG - Fifteen years after the National Hockey League walked out of Winnipeg and broke the hearts
05/31/2011 12:39 EDT
The Other Quebec

The Other Quebec Question

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONTREAL - Supporters of an NHL hockey team in Quebec City are among those cheering with the people
05/31/2011 04:24 EDT
It Came From...

It Came From... Canada

(The Canadian Press) -- TORONTO - Canadian researchers have identified what appears to be the first domestically acquired
05/30/2011 02:44 EDT
Osama: An American

Osama: An American Story

While America danced on Osama bin Laden's grave, a very different story was playing out in Pakistan.
05/27/2011 07:42 EDT

Au Revoir

(CBC) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's glad that the final communiqué from the G8 meeting in France makes a "balanced
05/27/2011 04:10 EDT
High School Blast Victim

High School Blast Victim Mourned

(CBC) - Students, teachers and parents are in mourning at an Ottawa high school after the death of an 18-year-old student
05/27/2011 01:30 EDT