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Christian Laurin


Originally from Montreal, Christian Laurin has been working in Toronto as a bilingual artist since 1992 in theatre, film, and television. He has appeared in Carmen and Macbeth for the Canadian Opera Company, Le Dieu Du Carnage for TfT, Dante’s Inferno for Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Mump and Smoot in Something Else Yale Repertory Theatre. This spring he’ll be appearing in Toronto in Canstage’s production of the play This under the direction of Matthew Jocelyn.

Mr. Laurin has also had numerous roles in film and television. His supporting roles in feature films include Disney’s The Pacifier, Pathfinder for Hallmark Entertainment and April One for Primedia. He has appeared in numerous roles on television including Warehouse 13 for SyFy channel, the CBC MOW of Victor, the life story of Canadian Olympic swimmer Victor Davis and HBO’s The Sopranos opposite James Gandolfini. Christian can also be seen playing recurring characters in two TFO television series, Meteo + and Les Bleus de Ramville. He is currently starring as Dr. Raymond Dallaire in medical drama Hard Rock Medical.
Hard Rock Medical: The Doctor from

Hard Rock Medical: The Doctor from Chicoutimi

Hard Rock Medical certainly sounded like a very exciting show. So when Derek first approached me to audition for the role of Dr. Raymond Dallaire he said "You'll need to learn a seven page monologue. I also want you to speak the way you speak normally...with your French Canadian accent because Dallaire is originally from Chicoutimi, Quebec." I said "Sure no problem."
08/01/2013 05:22 EDT