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Christie Ressel

International image consultant, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Personal Power Image</a>

Christie is an international image consultant, editor, and expert shopper that helps women find their own signature style. She is also the editor–in-chief for

She and her company, Personal Power Image are regularly featured in the media and press across North America. Having delivered hundreds of lectures and interviews across North America on style and fashion, and seen even more closets -- she is the go-to style expert.
How to Build Your Perfect

How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

Do you have lots of clothing in your closet but feel you have nothing to wear? Most of my clients answer "yes" to this question. Each and everyone one of us from CEOs to stay at home parents have been faced with this dilemma. How many times have you gotten a new outfit, haircut, or makeover and can <em>feel</em> a shift in how you carry yourself as a result? In order to make sure we have a positive impact on ourselves it's important we take time to build our wardrobe appropriately.
10/12/2012 12:12 EDT
1 Dress, 4

1 Dress, 4 Outfits

Clients often ask me how to create different looks using pieces in their wardrobes. Here are a few examples to show how you can change the look of a dress for multiple occasions using accessories.
02/01/2012 09:23 EST
Tips for Reinventing Your

Tips for Reinventing Your Style

Many clients tell me that they are tired of what's hanging in their closet because they feel they have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? For those of you looking to step it up a notch with your style, here are some things that will help you shine for years to come.
01/05/2012 03:51 EST