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Christine Blanchette

TV host of Run With It and radio host, writer/blogger

Christine started running in 1999 and has competed in many high profile running events such as the Boston Marathon. She is an age group medalist in local runs, yet among her most memorable accomplishments was winning in South Korea, including a half marathon which had a helicopter flying overhead, indicating her status as race leader and ultimate winner.

While her talent as a runner is unquestioned she is also an accomplished writer/blogger for the Richmond Review and Sherbrooke Record newspapers while also being featured in publications, such as The Seattle Times and Canadian Running Magazine.

With over 10 years experience in broadcast and print she brings her professional experience as host of the TV Pilot about Running and Health. She has been a guest speaker at running events and has produced two speaker series on running and health at Richmond’s South Arm Community Centre. Christine has for the past eight years been a respected running instructor at The University of British Columbia, for the city of Richmond and for the Vancouver Sun Run as a clinic coordinator.
Why You Should Spend This Summer In LoweStock via Getty Images

Why You Should Spend This Summer In Abbotsford

Summer is a great time to explore B.C., with the many outdoors activities and festivals. While some will make the drive straight to Vancouver, the more enlightened traveler will stop by and visit Abbotsford, which is the largest city in the Fraser Valley. According to Destination B.C., Abbotsford is known as the "City in the Country" for its agricultural, hospitality and outdoors activities.
05/18/2017 01:32 EDT
Behind The Wheel At Ultimate Car

Behind The Wheel At Ultimate Car Show

Coquitlam, B.C. was the place to be this past weekend for owners and fans of vintage exotic cars. Not a cloud in the sky this past weekend only made so many lovingly restored vehicles even more beckon...
07/27/2016 12:19 EDT
How Smokers Can Run To Ivanko_Brnjakovic via Getty Images

How Smokers Can Run To Quit

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, smoking causes about 85 per cent of lung cancer cases in Canada and smokers shorten their lives by eight to 10 years on average. Julia Hayos, Special Projects Lead with the Canadian Cancer Society talks about the overview of the Run to Quit program. The Run to Quit program is a 10-week course for smokers to take up running or walking as a way to help break the habit.
04/08/2016 03:04 EDT
Pump Up Your Running With a Dose of Xavier Arnau via Getty Images

Pump Up Your Running With a Dose of Iron

For runners, a lack of iron can result in low energy and poor performance. If you are new to running and noticed feeling unexplained fatigue, you may be iron deficient. Peak running performance and staying healthy depends on choosing the right foods. Therefore, fueling your body with the proper nutrients will keep your running on track.
09/18/2015 08:10 EDT
How to Run Hills Like a Shutterstock

How to Run Hills Like a Pro

I used to avoid hills like the plague. My legs turned to rubber while gasping like fish out of water to the summit of what could only be described as Mount Everest II. It was far from an enjoyable experience, but as I got used to running hills I began to appreciate what they were doing for my body.
09/15/2013 11:45 EDT
Running Tips: Are You Drinking Enough Shutterstock

Running Tips: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

The importance of hydrating the body can't be understated, as every year marathon race organizers incorporate medical tents with professional volunteers to administer iv drips to those runners who needed help because of poor hydration or heat exhaustion.
08/07/2013 01:05 EDT