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Christine Cushing

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Christine Cushing is a TV chef, cookbook author and creator of her own line of food products.
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The Main Ingredients Spring Edition: Slow-Cooking Challenge (Chef's Meal)

For my first course, I'm going with a classic hunter's style chicken with a few of my own twists. Many different cultures make this style of chicken and the most celebrated are probably chicken Cacciatore from Italy, and chicken Chasseur from France. The beauty of slow cooking is the intricate flavours and layers are developed by the gentle cooking process itself, rather than a lot of effort on the cook's part.
03/05/2014 04:14 EST
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The Main Ingredients: Spring Edition Introduction

As we head into late winter with no early signs of spring (I really need a little chat with the groundhog) it could be a bit more challenging to find fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season. For this challenge I've carefully selected ingredients that are readily available and produce that can be grown in green houses year round or doesn't have to travel from too far away.
03/03/2014 04:30 EST
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The Main Ingredients III: Chef's Conclusions

It seems that the more convenience and technology we have, the more frenzied the holidays get. So having meals and snacks under control is my way of taking charge. And based on all the families who participated in this month's main ingredient challenge, you all found some innovative ways to incorporate these nutritious offerings into your holiday table.
01/06/2014 02:08 EST

The Main Ingredients III Introduction: Holiday Meals

The holidays have always been special for me and I have to admit I have gone to great lengths to create that Christmas spirit. My selection of ingredients for this wintery time of year is still very colourful and nutritious and I'm excited to see what we're all going to build using them.
12/10/2013 10:49 EST
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The Main Ingredients: Holiday Brunch (Chef's Meal)

For my first dish of the Holiday Edition of the Main Ingredients, I'm going with a crowd-pleasing egg dish that is nutritionally balanced but also looks very festive. For brunch, eggs are still king. They are so versatile and have few nutritional equivalents. But since vegetables are usually lacking in most brunch options, I'm adding some fresh cooked pieces of rapini right into the frittata.
11/30/2013 09:18 EST

The Main Ingredients Challenge #3: Soup's On (Chef's Meal)

In my books, turkey makes the best stock for soup because it has so much flavour and body. Normally, I suggest making a proper, long, slow-cooked stock or using turkey bones left over from a roast turkey As a shortcut I'm making an express stock by simmering a turkey leg while prepping the rest of the ingredients.
09/30/2013 04:06 EDT

The Main Ingredients: Back To School Challenge

For this busy back to school time of year, I have chosen these 12 ingredients from nature's Canadian fall bounty that I think will make great additions to your autumn table. As before, I will be introducing the challenges next week, but for now here's why I love them.
09/09/2013 04:41 EDT

First Round Of Challenges Wraps Up With Inventive and Entertaining Results

It was both very entertaining and insightful to see how families across the country dealt with the Main Ingredients Challenge. It's one thing to read a recipe and say "Oh, I think this might be a good recipe for dinner one night," but it's something totally different to try use a set of pre-determined ingredients and follow a plan knowing that your family may completely refuse your offerings.
08/28/2013 06:28 EDT

The Main Ingredients Challenge #4: Smorgasbord Meal

As we head into the last of our challenges, for these 12 ingredients, no doubt you've already been inspired with some new ways to cook with all of them. For the last challenge, we have to dig deep and use every single one of the ingredients to prepare a smorgasbord (why is that word so funny?) of recipes still abiding by the same principles of nutrition and balance. Let's do this!
08/26/2013 08:06 EDT

The Main Ingredients Challenge: The No-Cook Meal

This week's meal is colourful, beautifully presented, and is nutritionally balanced. I'm presenting a food platter with a beet and carrot slaw over a leafy green salad - using the beet greens and an avocado dressing - with a quick homemade hummus and whole grain tortillas to dip.
08/22/2013 04:19 EDT