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Christine E. Laprade

Lifestyle & beauty writer

Contributor to several major Canadian publications (HuffPost Canada, La Presse,Clin d'Oeil,etc). Lifestyle & beauty writer. Health advocate. Free thinker. HarvardEdx "Leaders of learning" student. The favorite part of my career is the privilege
Canada's Top Entrepreneurs Reflect On Their shutterstock

Canada's Top Entrepreneurs Reflect On Their Challenges

Nothing is harder than being an entrepreneur: self-sacrifice, countless hours, true diligence and undying commitment. I interviewed the following accomplished entrepreneurs, who excel at what they do and have been handpicked by the media as ones to watch. Here, they reflect on their past mistakes and share some of their insights with their B2B counterparts when it comes to e-commerce, IT, funding, delegation, sales and scaling too fast.
04/10/2017 05:45 EDT
How to Flirt with the Modern Alamy

How to Flirt with the Modern Woman

This is a well known fact, Canadian men do little flirting. The same woman with a brilliant career fantasizes to the idea that an Alpha male woes her, chases her, intoxicates her by his unapologetic masculinity, kidnaps her, locks her up and makes love to her all night long. Canadian women actually dream of men "hitting" on them.
12/05/2012 12:08 EST