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Christine Elizabeth Laprade

Collab: Aloha, Clin d'oeil, La Presse, Swivel, Summum

Being unstable, snarky, a bad cook and writing about men & fashion is all part of my mystique. Former sleeper guilty of punctuation abuse.


Naturellement, outrageusement glamour, incisive, racée, chic, sarcastique et audacieuse…

Christine Elizabeth Laprade se spécialise dans tout ce qui touche le luxe, plus particulièrement la mode et la beauté.

Styliste personnelle, éditrice et fondatrice du site The Vigilant Fashionista, collaboratrice mode et beauté pour celle-ci réussit en peu de temps à prendre d’assaut l’univers de la mode. Avec ses commentaires francs et sa personnalité haute en couleurs, elle fût entre autres dernièrement interviewée et photographiée par le magazine Clin d’Oeil.
Fall Salvation: The Must-Have Beauty Getty

Fall Salvation: The Must-Have Beauty Products

Time is money and you don't have time to keep up with all the news in the cosmetic world so relax, breathe, sip on that kale smoothie and keep reading. The good news? we did it all for you. Here are our top September beauty products (and why).
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2.0 Love Contract: Blanks To Be Filled In

2.0 Love Contract: Blanks To Be Filled In Later

Here I am, in my thirties, childless, at a stage where I make candid observations and came to the realization that I've completely lost my bearings. I'm into serial monogamy as they say, and for the r...
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