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Christie Russell

Blogger, Mom of 2 teenagers, Dog owner

Christie started her career in finance with degrees in math and English as well as an MBA before earning her accounting designation. She was the CFO of two not-for-profit organizations in the health and science sectors. Next came 10 years of volunteer work, ranging from manager of her children’s numerous sports teams, to member/treasurer of various boards, and finally chair of the board of a local organization providing a vast array of social services to her community. After many years observing the bizarre actions of her family and that of West Vancouver, Canada’s Orange County, she decided to become an author. She currently writes about relevant social matters, has received a couple of blogging awards and attracted a diverse following at Rita’s Reflections - Keeping it Real in West Van. Her blog on Huffington Post brings a Canadian perspective to issues faced by boomers everywhere today. She has written a children’s novel The Trouble with Queenie which she is hoping to see published.

Christie was born and raised in Ontario, but has lived in West Vancouver for over 20 years.
Would You Leave Your Teen Home

Would You Leave Your Teen Home Alone?

When my husband and I recently escaped from our four month long home renovations, our teenagers, our two Labrador retrievers and the cold and wet Vancouver weather, we left our 19-year-old son home alone for two weeks. Yes, we had multiple discussions -- he and I, he and his dad and the three of us. Again and again we said: NO PARTIES, remember to take out the garbage, don't spend too much money, look after your sister if she comes home on the weekend, BE GOOD. But still I was nervous...
08/02/2012 05:32 EDT
Modern Family: Are You a Claire or a

Modern Family: Are You a Claire or a Gloria?

I'm not anywhere near as annoying or bossy or overprotective or uptight as Claire. Just because I want what's best for my kids and discuss contentious issues with them until they see the light (mine), it doesn't mean I don't respect their points of view.
02/28/2012 04:54 EST
Designer Dogs Are

Designer Dogs Are Us

I was at the doggie park in Ambleside this week, enjoying the dogs, the ocean, and the owners. OK, so I'm the first to admit
02/21/2012 09:38 EST
Love Is in the Air... But Don't Tell

Love Is in the Air... But Don't Tell Anyone

A couple of weeks ago, my son phoned home. Surprisingly enough, he's actually very good about calling home on a regular basis. Anyway, this time he let a bomb drop. "Hey guys, did you know that your daughter has a boyfriend?" Dead silence. <em>Ah no... no clue. </em>And how did he know?
02/14/2012 03:01 EST
What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours Is

What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours Is Ours

I know I'm in big trouble when her laser focus pins me to the wall and she boldly proclaims, "I like that top you're wearing, Mom. I think I'll just have to steal it from you." And she does. Especially now that she's on a budget, she loves shopping for free -- in my closet and drawers.
02/04/2012 11:46 EST
Nothing Comes From

Nothing Comes From Nothing

I think I must have been evil in a prior life. You know that song from The Sound of Music that goes, "Nothing comes from
01/30/2012 06:53 EST