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Christine Shisler

Head, Automotive Solutions, RBC Ventures

Christine Shisler leads the Automotive Solutions group at RBC Ventures. Her driving experience began at the age of 16 when she inherited her first car. Now, she is focused on exploring and developing new ways to make the owning experience better.

How To Avoid Getting Lost In Translation

Have you ever tried to have an important conversation with someone but felt like they just didn't understand you? Then you might know the frustration experienced by many of Canada's 4.7 million immigr...
09/21/2016 11:34 EDT
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Newcomers Are Shaping Canada's Future In Important Ways

I am proud to live in a country that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Talented immigrants arrive every year to call Canada home, and these newcomers shape this country's future in important ways. Earlier this year, I wrote about the value of honouring the immigrants that help make Canada better. It was a broad call to acknowledge the social, economic and cultural contribution that thousands of immigrants make to our country.
07/29/2016 11:57 EDT
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True Or False? Credit Scores Matter For Newcomers

Many newcomers to Canada are surprised at how important credit scores are, or how they work. The credit system in Canada may not always take into account financial history in another country and the concept of building a credit history can be unfamiliar, especially in places where cash or your bank balance is the most important financial consideration.
06/17/2016 06:16 EDT

Advice To Help Newcomers Successfully Manage And Grow Their Business

Getting a business off the ground takes many long hours and hard work -- but as any entrepreneur knows, it doesn't end there. Small business owners assume many roles -- from manager of sales and marketing to finance, HR and more. The challenge can be finding time to manage these day-to-day operations and grow the business.
04/27/2016 02:50 EDT
RBC Canada

Let's Honour The Immigrants Who Make Canada Better

Boyi's is just one tale among many immigrants who each have a unique story that helps define Canada. Their successes help build a country that is rich in diversity and a home where newcomers thrive. And as someone who has thrived by inspiring others, Boyi believes his meaning in life is "worth what I am for others, for the community."
04/12/2016 01:38 EDT
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What New Canadians Need To Know About Buying A Home

While the prospect of purchasing a home for the first time in Canada is an exciting and important step, many newcomers choose to rent for the first several months to a year (or longer) after their arrival. Before deciding whether to rent or buy, it's important that you know what you can afford, weigh the options available and take the time to make the right decisions that will ensure a successful future in Canada.
03/07/2016 05:36 EST