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Christine Van Geyn

Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Christine is the Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, a non-profit organization that advocates for lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government.
Don't Blame Foreign Buyers For Soaring GTA Home Mark Blinch / Reuters

Don't Blame Foreign Buyers For Soaring GTA Home Prices

Instead of blaming foreign demand for prices that are rising because of government-imposed supply restrictions, the government should address how their own ideologically driven policies are contributing to the affordability crisis. But blaming others means the government doesn't need to change.
03/23/2017 10:25 EDT
Ontario Desperately Needs A Realistic Plan To Curb Mark Blinch/CP

Ontario Desperately Needs A Realistic Plan To Curb Spending

Every winter, the Ontario Standing Committee on Finance invites groups to make submissions about what they would like to see in the spring budget. Every year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation does what no other group in Ontario does: they ask the government to spend less money, not more.
12/13/2016 04:12 EST
Keep Net Zero Mark Blinch / Reuters

Keep Net Zero Bargaining

Premier Wynne has removed the "net zero" requirement from government employee contract bargaining, effectively re-opening the floodgates of wage increases for bureaucrats and other unionized government employees. Here's what that means for Ontarians.
09/30/2016 08:29 EDT
Ontario Liberals Must Repay Secret Funds Funneled To Bernard Weil via Getty Images

Ontario Liberals Must Repay Secret Funds Funneled To Unions

If someone gave you $80.5 million dollars, you'd probably feel pretty good about them. You may want to shout it from the rooftops that you think they're great -- and you may even be willing to pay a million dollars or two to shout it, especially if it meant the money would keep rolling in. In essence, that's what auditor general Bonnie Lysyk found was happening in Ontario with the Wynne government's secret payments to teachers' unions. The total amounts paid by the government to teachers union organizations is astounding: since 2000, $80.5 million in taxpayer money has been funneled to teachers' organizations.
05/19/2016 05:57 EDT
Ontario's Hocus Pocus CP

Ontario's Hocus Pocus Budget

There's nothing magical about the ninth consecutive deficit, or the $296 billion in debt the province will have as of March 31. Nor in the nearly one billion per month in interest payments our government has us paying. But Wynne and Sousa's commitment that the budget will be balanced next year requires faith in the supernatural.
03/03/2016 04:38 EST