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Christopher Canning

Researcher, policy analyst, mental health advocate, papa, walker.

Christopher Canning is the Manager of Policy and Research in the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Knowledge Exchange Centre and leads many of the MHCC's projects in child and youth mental health. He is a sociologist of mental health who holds a PhD from Queen’s University. Following the completion of his dissertation, Christopher was the recipient of two post-doctoral fellowships held at McGill University’s Department of Social Studies of Medicine. His academic research has investigated biological and social understandings of schizophrenia, depression, and ADHD, and he has published articles on epigenetics, transdisciplinarity in public health research, and the importance of including the lived experience voice in mental health care reform. Christopher is a youth advocate and has worked in direct-client care as an outdoor experiential leader for youth in Alberta and Ontario. He also brings his own lived experience perspectives to all of his work and advocacy in the mental health field.
Young People Need Early Access To Mental Health

Young People Need Early Access To Mental Health Care

For me, figuring out and seeking treatment for my anxiety has been a healing and affirming process. But I often wonder: how would my childhood and teenage years have been different if I had a vocabulary for understanding my anxiety? If my parents, siblings or friends did? If I had early access to therapy or other kinds of treatment -- or even just a way to talk about my anxiety and resulting depression?
09/23/2016 08:00 EDT