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Christopher Hickson

Father, Husband, Aerospace Worker and Volunteer

I work in the aerospace industry in customer services for business aviation.
I'm a reserve officer in the Royal Candian Air Force, currently volunteering my time with the Air Cadets as an instructor. My mother was french-canadian and my father's side is anglophone from the Gaspé region of Quebec.

I grew up surrounded by both french and english speaking extended families to the point where my wedding had two priests, one english and one french so that everyone could understand.

I spent my teen years as an Air Cadet, graduated from the Aircraft Maintenance Program at l'Ecole Nationale d'Aerotechnique and have worked for several aviation companies as a mechanic in Quebec and BC.
Here's Why Quebec Politics

Here's Why Quebec Politics Matter

It irks me when I hear people speak of distinct society and how Quebec is so different from the "Rest of Canada" (ROC). The media tries to play on it and so do the politicians. I guess that it's easier to try to sell the idea of sovereignty to someone if you first convince them that you have nothing in common.
06/15/2012 04:23 EDT
BACKLASH: Why This Working Man is Fed up With Quebec

BACKLASH: Why This Working Man is Fed up With Quebec Protestors

My ability to get to work and earn those dollars that my wife and I want to put aside for our kids' education is being directly threatened by the constant ebb and flow of student protests in Montreal. Some businesses downtown have laid off staff, cut back hours and simply don't pay employees who can't get to work because of a protest.
06/04/2012 12:51 EDT