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Christopher Lewarne


How To Fight A

How To Fight A Homophobe

There was another attack to add to the list in the East Village on Monday night. That systematic hatred fuels these crimes is undeniable -- and symptomatic of a growing divide. Gay bashing has flared up many times in New York over the past decade. How could it be that hate crimes are on the rise when our society is becoming progressively more tolerant? What do we, on the winning side of the battle for equality, do in the face of its violent antithesis?
05/24/2013 08:13 EDT
Don't Blame Science if Women Don't Want

Don't Blame Science if Women Don't Want You

An article published in <em>Scientific American</em> this week demystified a commonly held colloquialism -- Rachel and Ross knew it, Monica and Chandler certainly knew it: men and women can't be "just <em>Friends</em>." Nomenclature aside, men carry certain chromosomal differences from women. It's why our balls drop and our voices get deeper. It's not why we get to be douchebags and blame Darwin for our douchebaggery.
10/24/2012 12:16 EDT