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Christopher Stuart Taylor

Anti-Racism Professional

Christopher Stuart Taylor completed his PhD at Western University (Canada) in History and Migration & Ethnic Relations (MER). He focuses on issues of diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, immigration, race and ethnicity, Black Canadian history, Caribbean history, slavery in the Americas, the African and Black Diaspora, and Black identity.
Recognizing Black Lives Matter is Just the

Recognizing Black Lives Matter is Just the Beginning

Yes, our basic human right to live matters. The fact that our pigmentation is a target of death and destruction is a crime against humanity. We are in the midst of one of the world's longest -- and visible -- genocides. But what happens when we are no longer just treated like raccoons? The omnipresent pest of city streets, devoid of human dignity, one to be exterminated and only recognized upon our untimely deaths?
08/02/2015 09:40 EDT
Why Is Zehaf-Bibeau a Terrorist But Not Justin

Why Is Zehaf-Bibeau a Terrorist But Not Justin Bourque?

Zehaf-Bibeau was driven by "political and ideological motives" in the murder of Cpl. Cirillo. Even before the day was out, our Prime Minister came out and labelled him a terrorist, without truly knowing who he was and why he did what he did. Knowing that Bourque intentionally targeted five Mounties, murdering three in cold blood in June, how come he wasn't (and still hasn't been) vilified as a terrorist?
10/29/2014 01:19 EDT
Make August Canada's Black History

Make August Canada's Black History Month

Somewhere out there Drake needs to stand up and write a song about this fact for people to understand that his OVO concert takes place on a weekend made possible by a person that fought for the freedom of his ancestors. Well, at least the black half of his ancestors.
08/03/2014 03:40 EDT
Donald Sterling Is No

Donald Sterling Is No Anomaly

Donald Sterling is just indicative of the systemic and ominous racism embedded in all professional sports. He is not an anomaly. He is not simply an old man trying to hold on to the good ol' days of Jim Crow. His "lifetime ban" -- what really is a lifetime ban for a person who has already lived their life? -- will not end racism in the United States, North America, or the "world." Sterling is a microcosm of white supremacy, white privilege and racism. And when it comes to professional sports, he is merely a cog in the machine.
04/30/2014 09:53 EDT
How the NFL is Perpetuating

How the NFL is Perpetuating Racism

I find it appalling that the NFL who has a whole team -- I repeat a whole team -- that is named after a racial slur against First Nations peoples, the Washington Redskins, is all of a sudden in the business of "politically correctness." In terms of the Redskins, the NFL finds all kinds of excuses on why they should keep the name.
02/23/2014 07:27 EST
P.K. Subban Is Our Black Canadian

P.K. Subban Is Our Black Canadian Saviour

No disrespect to Lincoln Alexander, Viola Desmond, Dudley Laws and the many black Canadian pioneers that have and continue to make vital contributions to Canadian society, but Subban has the potential to be the most important and influential black in Canadian history.
02/14/2014 05:22 EST
If We Can't Say 'Merry Christmas' in Canada, Multiculturalism

If We Can't Say 'Merry Christmas' in Canada, Multiculturalism Failed

I wonder: since when did "Merry Christmas" become a political statement especially in multicultural Canada? Multiculturalism is a complete and utter failure in Canada when it is politically incorrect to say "Merry Christmas" without pausing and wondering if they may or may not be offended?
12/23/2013 08:47 EST
Rob Ford Needs to Stop Using Black People as a

Rob Ford Needs to Stop Using Black People as a Prop

Way back in May, I had commented about my unease with Ford's relationship with young black males. I said that his proximity to these kids as a football coach smelled of the Penn State scandal. Was Ford a teacher? No. Was Ford in anyway involved in the education system? No. Was Ford a crack user? Yes. Was Ford an alcoholic? A pathological liar? Yes and yes. I'm sorry, but there is no way I would have wanted my child, who as Ford said would either be "dead or in jail," groomed and mentored on how to become a man by a drunk crack addict who could pretty well end up dead or in jail when this fiasco comes to an end.
11/19/2013 12:07 EST
The NFL Is Really the

The NFL Is Really the "No Female League"

The NFL -- one of the most popular and profitable leagues in North America -- recently came out with figures that women account for 45 per cent of its fan base. If the NFL is (nearly) equally represented in its fan base, where are the women on the sidelines (that aren't wearing bras and panties and pompoms)?
10/16/2013 08:30 EDT
Move Over Rihanna, Barbados is Now Famous for Tax

Move Over Rihanna, Barbados is Now Famous for Tax Cheats

Eugene Melnyk owns the Ottawa Senators. He's Canadian. He owns Canadian businesses, but lives in Barbados. Here's where the CBC and the CRA come in. With their recent bit of "hidden-camera" journalism, the CBC concluded that Barbados is a haven for Canadian corporate tax evaders.
10/08/2013 12:32 EDT
How the NHL Won (and Lost) a New (Black)

How the NHL Won (and Lost) a New (Black) Fan

I'm Canadian. I like sports. I like hockey. I also happen to be Black. That's why it was such a point of pride to see P.K. Subban on the ice; the NHL was finally making good on its intention to court more non-white fans. Then I watched P.K.'s teammate, George Parros, get wheeled off the ice on a stretcher, and I wondered how many new fans thought they just saw a man die.
10/04/2013 12:20 EDT