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Christy Brissette, MSc, RD

Dietitian, nutrition media expert, foodie and President of 80 Twenty Nutrition

Christy Brissette is a registered dietitian and nutrition and food communications expert. She is the President of 80 Twenty Nutrition, a nutrition and food media company with the vision of ending food confusion and dieting and loving your body by giving it healthy, delicious food. Christy is a TV personality and spokesperson, nutrition and food writer and blogger, recipe developer and YouTube video producer. She is regularly interviewed by the media about nutrition and health. Christy also sees private clients and supports them in achieving their best health through excellent, creative and fun eating plans. <br> <br> Christy completed an Honours BASc in nutrition at Ryerson University and a Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto.
Food Isn't Good Or Bad, It's Just

Food Isn't Good Or Bad, It's Just Food

Yes, some food choices are healthier than others, but sometimes both choices can be healthy. Especially if we are looking at whole, natural foods rather than highly processed, packaged foods. You really can't go wrong!
03/14/2016 03:50 EDT
Coffee And Chocolate: Valentine's Day Treats For The

Coffee And Chocolate: Valentine's Day Treats For The Heart

There's something romantic about staying in and brewing your own coffee, especially when it's freezing cold outside. Added bonus: you can cuddle up and stay toasty rather than fighting for space at your local coffee shop. Taking the time to prepare something to enjoy together shows you want to nourish the one you're with... especially when it's a treat with a healthy twist! Feature antioxidant-rich ingredients such as coffee and chocolate, and their heart (and taste buds) will thank you.
02/12/2016 01:09 EST
Is Pomegranate Juice

Is Pomegranate Juice Healthy?

As part of a heart-healthy diet, pomegranate juice could have several benefits. The juice may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent platelets from clumping together. Prevention of this clumping is important for preventing buildup of plaque in the arteries, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
02/10/2016 05:52 EST
Top 5 Healthiest Winter

Top 5 Healthiest Winter Fruits

Grapefruit is low in calories (50 calories per half) and it is low on the glycemic index. Rumoured to be the accidental but delicious hybrid of an orange and a pomelo, the grapefruit is an excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and A that help strengthen the immune system and fight free radical damage.
02/08/2016 04:33 EST
A Love Letter To

A Love Letter To Cheese

My fellow cheese enthusiasts and I revere cheese for its incredible taste and oozy goodness, and its ability to elevate any dish from good to the stuff dreams are made of. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, "Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." I know what you're thinking. How can a dietitian openly admit a love for cheese?
01/18/2016 01:38 EST
The Most Delicious And Healthy Pomegranate

The Most Delicious And Healthy Pomegranate Recipes

Pomegranates have always brought up happy memories for me. Here are my favourite recipes featuring pomegranates collected from dietitians and chefs across North America. There's everything from refreshing beverages to nourishing salads to delightful desserts. Enjoy!
01/07/2016 04:33 EST
The Health Benefits Of Drinking

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Canadians drink about 10 billion cups of tea a year and the amount continues to increase! There are thousands of studies investigating the potential health benefits of tea. How can this ancient beverage boost our health?
12/29/2015 12:28 EST
How The Mediterranean Lifestyle Can Boost Your

How The Mediterranean Lifestyle Can Boost Your Health

One of the world's healthiest diet patterns is the Mediterranean diet. Research suggests that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. People eating this way are also less likely to get Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
12/10/2015 04:43 EST
Taste Trendspotting: A 2016 Flavour

Taste Trendspotting: A 2016 Flavour Forecast

The year 2015 was all about harissa as the new sriracha, South African flavours, and ramen spots seemed to pop up on every corner. So what will 2016 bring to excite our palates? Chefs around the world have predicted what will be on menus in 2016, and the consensus seems to be more creative cocktails, spices from Africa and Asia and condiments will be all the rage.
12/04/2015 03:15 EST
The 10 Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies and

The 10 Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies and Wine-Lovers

Whether your family, friends, or co-workers are into healthy eating, gastronomy, entertaining, or fine wine, here are my top picks for presents that will have them impressed and awed by your thoughtfulness.
11/30/2015 11:35 EST
Is Social Media Destroying Your Body

Is Social Media Destroying Your Body Image?

You're following some supermodels, celebrities, fitness models, personal trainers and other women with slammin' bodies on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Do you find the images motivate you to eat better and work out harder, or do they make you less happy with your body and want to go on a crash diet?
11/11/2015 01:09 EST
Top 5 Cold And Flu Fighting

Top 5 Cold And Flu Fighting Supplements

Cold and flu season is upon us! The usual advice to fight off colds and the flu? Plenty of fluids and lots of rest to let your body fight off the virus. But productive people want to know: isn't there anything else I can do for some extra cold and flu-fighting power?
11/05/2015 05:45 EST
Get The Cured Pork Off Your

Get The Cured Pork Off Your Fork

If you follow my 80 twenty rule and eat healthy foods such as vegetables, beans and lentils, fruit, nuts and seeds, fish and lean poultry 80% of the time, you can have some of the less healthy options 20% of the time. Whether it's sugar or bacon, no diet is 100% perfect.
10/27/2015 05:17 EDT
10 Ways to Cut Your Kid's Salt

10 Ways to Cut Your Kid's Salt Intake

The more kids learn about food, where it comes from and how to prepare it, the more likely they are to be healthy eaters and have a healthy relationship with food. Get kids involved in cooking even if it's as simple as stirring or helping choose ingredients. Kids love to try foods they helped make!
10/22/2015 12:35 EDT
Race Day Tips for Your First Marathon or

Race Day Tips for Your First Marathon or Half-Marathon

The best advice I ever got was "You only run your first race once." It's more important to enjoy yourself and feel good when you cross the finish line than it is to have an impressive time on your first marathon. You have a whole lifetime to improve your pace (if you want to), but your first race is all about the excitement!
10/16/2015 07:58 EDT
How the Toronto Blue Jays Eat to

How the Toronto Blue Jays Eat to Win

Blue Jays fever has taken Canada by storm! People are getting out of jury duty to watch their favourite team in action and workplaces are setting up TVs so employees don't have to miss game day excitement. I spoke to Chris Joyner, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays, to get the inside scoop on what the Jays are eating to power through their first post-season in 22 years.
10/09/2015 01:02 EDT
Why the Best Organic Food Isn't Getting to

Why the Best Organic Food Isn't Getting to You

Buying fresh, local food is a priority for many people, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Do you really know where your food comes from? Ask a few questions and you may just find the "local" food you're paying a premium for at your farmers' market or grocery store has traveled way farther than you'd like to think. It's no wonder we're all confused about where to get fresh and healthy food.
09/25/2015 08:45 EDT
You're Good at Wine Tasting - You Just Don't Know it

You're Good at Wine Tasting - You Just Don't Know it Yet.

Wine snobs are people who make other people feel silly about not being able to identify the right flavours in a wine or not being able to identify what region a wine comes from. If we want people to appreciate wine as a part of culture and gastronomy, then why are we acting like enjoying wine is an exclusive club?
09/15/2015 12:17 EDT