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Chrystia Freeland

Liberal member of Parliament, minister of international trade

Chrystia Freeland is the Liberal MP for the new riding of University Rosedale and the current Minister of International Trade.

From 2013-2015, Chrystia served as the MP for the riding of Toronto-Centre, which saw its boundaries changed as a result of the latest redistribution of federal electoral ridings.

An esteemed Canadian journalist and author, Chrystia was born in Peace River, Alberta and studied at Harvard University where she received a B.A. in History and Literature.Chrystia continued her studies on a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

After cutting her journalistic teeth as a Ukraine-based stringer for the Financial Times, Washington Post, and The Economist, Chrystia went on to wear many hats at the Financial Times, including deputy editor, UK news editor, Moscow bureau chief, Eastern Europe correspondent, editor of its weekend edition, and editor of She served as deputy editor of Canada’s The Globe and Mail between 1999 and 2001, before becoming the U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times.

In 2010, Chrystia joined Canadian-owned Thomson Reuters as editor-at-large. She most recently worked as Managing Director and Editor of Consumer News.

Chrystia was a weekly columnist for the Globe and Mail, writing extensively about income inequality and challenges facing the middle class.

She is the author of Sale of a Century: The Inside Story of the Second Russian Revolution (2000) and Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else (2012).

She is the recipient of the prestigious Lionel Gelber Award and the 2013 National Business Book Award. She was also a featured speaker at TEDGlobal 2013.

Freeland is married and the proud mother of three beautiful children. She lives in University Rosedale.
An Open Letter To Canadians On The Trans-Pacific

An Open Letter To Canadians On The Trans-Pacific Partnership

After attending public town halls, participating in over 70 meetings and round tables, and receiving feedback from thousands of Canadians who have written to me, it is clear that many feel the TPP presents significant opportunities, while others have concerns.
02/01/2016 01:02 EST
It's Time for the Harper Government to Back Up Its Words of Support for

It's Time for the Harper Government to Back Up Its Words of Support for Ukraine

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird offered additional words of support for Ukraine recently, as did the Prime Minister. However, these words ring hollow since we learned that the government has not yet delivered on its commitment to provide much needed assistance to the people of Ukraine. Both the United States and the European Union have committed or already supplied billions of dollars of financial aid through loans and loan guarantees. Meanwhile, Canada has not delivered on its own promises of financial aid, all the while ignoring requests from the Ukrainian government for life-saving, non-lethal military aid and training in areas such as anti-terrorist operations.
08/01/2014 01:18 EDT