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Cian Horrobin

Toronto resident with political beliefs rooted in Liberation Theology

Cian Horrobin hails from the East Coast, studied at the University of Toronto and has been a Toronto resident for 10 years. A senior member of the Monarchist League of Canada‎ he is often asked to speak on constitutional issues on national and international news services. His political beliefs are rooted in his beliefs in Liberation Theology.
I Don't Appreciate the NDP's Fight for the Middle

I Don't Appreciate the NDP's Fight for the Middle Class

As a socialist, I was excited for this election as I hoped the NDP would stretch its wings and become a vocal proponent for the poor, the under-housed, the underemployed, etc.; that they would put front and centre the issues that carry the greatest ethical and moral weight for Canada's society. But no. The party of the little man -- Tommy Douglas's party of mice refusing to be led by cats -- is now courting middle-income Canadians. For me the crisis facing Canadians is not one of an attack on the middle class.
09/18/2015 12:03 EDT