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Claire Malcolmson

Manager of Water Programs, Environmental Defence

Claire is a fifth generation cottager from Innisfil, on Lake Simcoe. Watching the lake’s health deteriorate motivated her to start an
environmental education program, delivered by canoe, in 2002. Since then she's been saving Lake Simcoe with other people inspired to make change as a member of the Board of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition and later as a Lady of the Lake.

She started coordinating Campaign Lake Simcoe at Environmental Defence in 2007, just before Ontario Premier McGuinty promised to introduce the Lake Simcoe Protection Act. Claire has been on the provincial stakeholder committees, guiding the development of, and now the implementation of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan since 2008.

In the summer of 2011 she completed her Masters in Environmental Studies and Planning at York University, focusing on watershed management and the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.
Can a Cash Injection Save Lake

Can a Cash Injection Save Lake Simcoe?

On January 7, the federal government announced $29 million for Ontario's Lake Simcoe and south eastern Georgian Bay. We, along with others concerned about Lake Simcoe's health, welcome this news. Conservation authorities and environmental restoration groups often have projects planned, waiting for funding. And thanks to Ottawa's announcement, many of them can now move forward. But is this enough to improve water quality for Lake Simcoe?
01/18/2013 04:33 EST
The Great Lakes (and the Fish in Them) Are Alamy

The Great Lakes (and the Fish in Them) Are Overheated

Ontario's coldwater fish aren't loving this summer weather like we are. That's because as water temperatures increase due to global warming, the mix of fish species is changing. Scientists are a careful bunch, so when a scientific paper says, "global warming will significantly affect" fish in the Great Lakes Basin, it's time to perk up. These changes are serious.
08/09/2012 05:27 EDT
The Great Lakes Aren't So Great Alamy

The Great Lakes Aren't So Great Anymore

Environmental NGOs in Ontario are hoping to make a promised new provincial law to protect the Great Lakes as strong as possible. The Great Lakes Protection Act, promised in the Premier's 2011 Throne Speech, is a big deal. And why not? The drinking water of 37 million people depends on healthy Great Lakes.
05/02/2012 02:42 EDT
clean up lake Flickr: Ryan Kemmers

clean up lake simcoe

Lake Simcoe's shoreline is in bad shape. Too many hardened surfaces, like concrete and metal, and not enough plants, make it inhospitable to the wild species that call it home. If all of us follow these tips, Lake Simcoe will be a healthier place for people, wildlife and fish. Make a resolution to be part of the solution!
01/11/2012 12:10 EST
Ontario's Growth Plan Is Working, But Not Well AP

Ontario's Growth Plan Is Working, But Not Well Enough

The lack of affordable housing in Toronto drives demand for suburban housing and this threatens the implementation of the Growth Plan. To prevent social and environmental collapse, we need to link sprawl-related environmental issues with affordability.
08/27/2011 10:02 EDT