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Claude Carignan

Senator Claude Carignan is the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

The Sunny Side of the

The Sunny Side of the Budget

It's done! The budget is a vigorous economic action plan for Canada. Most important, it is a long-term vision. Many measures have been adopted to ensure that government policies encourage the creation of wealth and private-sector jobs. What are the changes?
03/31/2012 08:51 EDT
The Budget Must Take Old Age Catastrophe

The Budget Must Take Old Age Catastrophe Seriously

With the budget coming up, we need to talk Old Age Security (OAS). The cost of the OAS program will explode, going from $36 billion in 2010 to $108 billion in 2030. Refusing to deal with this problem for partisan reasons would be completely irresponsible to future generations, if not shameful.
03/27/2012 05:04 EDT
Liberals Created Bill

Liberals Created Bill C-10

You've heard the opposition's all-out attacks on minimum sentences and Bill C- 30, which would adapt the investigative powers of police services to fight cybercrime. But it seems to me that a little embarrassment is in order. Who is behind Bill C-30? The Liberal government of Paul Martin.
03/07/2012 07:49 EST