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Claudel Petrin-Desrosiers

Étudiante en médecine passionnée de santé, de politique et d'action

A Weekend In Kuururjuaq

There is so much that we could tell, but some stories take time to unfold. And this is the case of my journey in Kuururjuaq National Park, a pure beauty hidden in the lands of Nunavik. It has been mor...
08/15/2016 08:25 EDT

Canadian Students Call for a Response to the Refugee Crisis

In response to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, our current Canadian government has reluctantly offered some support. We shall, according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accept 10,000 refugees over the next three years. As medical students committed to global health, we call into question this lukewarm commitment to such a pressing crisis and call for stronger commitments in line with Canada's values.
10/02/2015 08:35 EDT
Stephan Savoia/AP

It's Time for Canadian Doctors to Divest in Fossil Fuels

In line with the hippocratic oath, we physicians-in-training make a formal request to our colleagues and mentors, we call upon the Canadian Medical Association, MD Financial, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to divest from fossil fuels.
08/30/2015 09:20 EDT

We're Sending the Wrong Message About Climate Change

Screaming to the world, to the politicians, to the big companies, to children that climate change is scary doesn't work anymore. I don't want to be afraid, I want to be confident. Fear doesn't mobilize people, it gives them a sense of despair; a sense that nothing can be done because the challenge is too big for us to tackle. Our message about climate change needs to be frame differently.
09/26/2014 08:15 EDT

Canada Should Start Taking Climate Change Very Seriously

The situation in Canada is not different from the rest of the world. The country is already feeling the consequences of climate change: diminishing quality and quantity of water, increasing pollens and other allergens, coastal erosion, road and infrastructure degradation and floods. The health consequences of those climate change impacts are already being strongly felt.
08/28/2014 05:30 EDT

Youth Voices Must Resonate

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the 4th session of the UN Open Working Groups (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals in New York as a delegate of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), member of the Major Group of Children and Youth.
07/11/2013 12:17 EDT

Refugee Care: We Are Standing Up To Say That This Is Wrong

Today, as we celebrate the National Day of Action against the Refugees Healthcare cuts on June 17th, I decided to interview Benjamin Langer, a third-year medical student, to enlighten Canadian readers regarding the budget cuts in Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP).
06/14/2013 12:36 EDT

Let the World Be Our Clinic

Not so long ago, I was a fresh new medical student with a strong interest in global issues and a background on social activism and human rights. I was -- and still am -- highly interested in politics,...
03/18/2013 12:04 EDT