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Claudia Bunce

Claudia owns and operates a mining company in Jade City near Dease Lake, B.C., and is the star of Discovery’s Jade Fever.

“We are on our way to the penthouse…or the outhouse.”
Born in Pforzheim, Germany, Claudia’s family moved to British Columbia when she was very young. In the 1960s, Claudia’s father Steve, a jade miner himself, moved their
family to the area now known as Jade City. It was in her childhood when Claudia fell in love with jade. As an adult, Claudia returned to Jade City, eventually taking ownership of the Cassiar Mountain Jade store and helping set up Dease Lake Jade Mining. Now with the help of the 35 townspeople in the area, Claudia and her husband Robin are trying to
realize their dream: to establish Jade City as the jade capital of Canada. Unofficially the town mayor and mother, Claudia keeps everything running smoothly and is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Beneath her tough exterior though, is a woman who loves her family first and jade second.