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Coalition for Gun Control

National non-profit founded in the wake of the Montreal massacre

Founded in the wake of the Montreal massacre, the Coalition for Gun Control is the only national non-profit organization working to reduce gun injury, death and crime in Canada. It is endorsed by more than 300 crime and injury prevention, health, women's safety, victims' rights, policing, grassroots and community organizations including the YWCA of Canada, the Canadian Public Health Association, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the families and victims of the École Polytechnique massacre and Dawson College shootings.

25 Years After the Montreal Massacre, Canada Still Has Gun Control Issues

As the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre approaches, it is interesting to reflect upon the evolution of gun control and the government's approach to questions of gun violence and misuse. However, ensuring a safer environment for women -- and for society in general -- requires more than official recognition of sexism or any other so-called justification as an invalid reason for violence.
10/24/2014 09:03 EDT

Canada Is Becoming More American on Gun Control

Public Safety Minister Blaney tabled today in the House of Commons the "Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act." We have not had the opportunity to study the fine print of the bill but at first glance, it appears that the Federal Government's new proposals will make it easier to transport restricted firearms such as handguns. Common sense indicates that we should strengthen not weaken our gun control laws.
10/08/2014 09:08 EDT