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Cody Battershill

Founder of Calgaryism, Realtor

Cody Battershill is the founder of Calgaryism and Canada Action and earns a living as a local Remax Realtor. Born in Calgary and also having lived in Toronto, Cody has an affinity for all things Calgary, Alberta and Canada. Cody advocates for an informed discussion about our economy and Canada's future prosperity while also sharing awesome lists and photos from around Calgary through Calgaryism. Talk with Cody on Twitter and Instagram @Calgaryism and also @CodyinCalgary and on Facebook by searching "Calgaryism" and "Canada Action".
Hey Leo, Big Fan, But I Have A Few

Hey Leo, Big Fan, But I Have A Few Questions..

Did you know that same study found the "dirtiest oil in North America" is not produced in Canada, but just outside your own hometown of Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canada's oilsands? Actually, the title of "world's dirtiest oil" goes to Brass crude blend from Nigeria where the uncontrolled release of methane during the oil extraction process generates upstream GHG emissions that is over four times higher than Canadian diluted bitumen?
08/26/2014 09:49 EDT