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Cody Green

Founder of Canada Drives

Cody Green is the Founder of Canada Drives. In 2010 Cody leveraged his knowledge from working in the auto industry to start his own company. Canada Drives is the country’s first fintech dedicated to helping Canadians secure auto financing online.
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We Can Transform Vancouver Into A Global Tech Hub

It is time that Metro Vancouver bands together to form a regional strategy that collectively concentrates tech into a defined area that can serve as the catalyst for greater overall success for the industry. Toronto's tech community understands its value in being close to the financial centre of the country, and clustering will similarly allow Vancouver to better develop our brand and competitive advantage for the future.
08/10/2016 12:46 EDT
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Policymakers Are Failing Vancouver's Young Tech Workers

For several years, BC's tech sector has grown at double the rate of the provincial economy, in spite of the fact that our province lags behind other jurisdictions when it comes to tech exports, jobs, GDP contribution and availability of investment. In other words, the sector is succeeding in spite of a lack of attention from policymakers.
06/23/2016 11:28 EDT
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How To Find Success With A Millennial Workforce

I shake my head whenever I am exposed to these stereotypes, because they are contrary to my experiences as a tech employer. After careful consideration, I've determined that not only are the specific traits of millennial employees completely opposite to these characterizations, but that a company can really capitalize on them to achieve their business objectives.
06/13/2016 12:11 EDT