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Cody Tresierra


The abrupt halt to a young, active, sports-oriented life just reaching adulthood is among life's worst tragedies. Cody Tresierra, 19 at the time, now counts himself lucky that his life was spared when a motor vehicle accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Born in Ashcroft, British Columbia, and raised in Clinton, Cody was living in Quesnel with his family at the time of the accident. Transferred to the extended-care Pearson Hospital in Vancouver, he took up mouth painting as a form of therapy.

Encouraged and guided by instructor Betty Black, he became more enthusiastic as his previously unknown talent surfaced. Cody has subsequently taken private tuition to develop his talent and excels in oils, especially landscapes and seascapes.

In 1986, Cody joined the MFPA, which supports him to pursue his artistic career. He became a Full Member of the Association in March 2000.

“I felt pretty devastated when I was first told that I would not get the use of my limbs back”, he says. “But after that, I just concentrated on getting on with my life. I was lucky that I was young, and young people are adaptable.”

Cody maintains a lively interest in music, sports and all forms of the arts, and now lives with his wife in Cloverdale, British Columbia
I'm a Quadriplegic, and a .

I'm a Quadriplegic, and a Painter

My name is Cody Tresierra and I am a disabled artist living in Cloverdale, British Columbia. When I was 18 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which left me paralyzed from the neck down as a quadriplegic. After the accident I spent the next five years in Pearson Hospital Rehab Center. When I was there, I remember thinking I would spend the rest of my life doing nothing but eating, sleeping and watching T.V.
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