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Cole Hogan

Campaign Strategist and Junior Associate at Mainstreet Technologies. University of Saskatchewan alumnus.

Campaign Strategist and Junior Associate at Mainstreet Technologies. University of Saskatchewan alumnus.
Who Defines Canadian

Who Defines Canadian Identity?

Since announcing this proposal former Ms. Leitch's opposing leadership candidates, interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose and former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney have all condemned the policy. If we subscribe to Trudeau Sr's idea that there is no such thing as a model Canadian, that a society that emphasizes uniformity creates intolerance and hate how can we classify anything as "anti-Canadian"?
09/19/2016 02:13 EDT
Here's How The Conservative Party Can Secure Its

Here's How The Conservative Party Can Secure Its Future

I respect the social conservative viewpoint but believe an insistence on it alienates a new generation of conservatives and winning potential. The conservative movement cannot afford to sacrifice the added value of this generation in lieu of social conservative ideological purity. To do so confines the movement to its base, and opposition.
02/02/2016 01:27 EST
Canada's Future Lies in Small

Canada's Future Lies in Small Politics

Canadians' politics are local, not national. The lack of confidence in governments to take on the country's big issues means Canadians trust their governments with smaller, achievable goals. Affordable, doable policy solutions trump vague, grand promises, programs, or visions.
04/28/2014 05:00 EDT
The Walter Scott

The Walter Scott Centre

Today I am announcing the launch of the Walter Scott Centre, a Saskatchewan focused think tank named after our first premier.
02/24/2014 04:45 EST
November Legislature

November Legislature Recap

The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan resumed sitting late last month, Members making the trek to Regina for the Third Session of the 27th Legislative Assembly.
11/27/2013 02:47 EST
Long Road Ahead for Broten's

Long Road Ahead for Broten's NDP

The Saskatchewan Party has launched a political advertisement against the new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition, Cam Broten. The advertisement attempts to tether Broten to the previous NDP leader, Dwain Lingenfelter, and to the party's 2011 First Nations resource revenue sharing policy.
10/01/2013 05:21 EDT
Sask. Party Votes to Abolish

Sask. Party Votes to Abolish Senate

The Saskatchewan Party is now in favour of abolishing the Senate. This morning the Saskatchewan Party announced the results of the party referendum on the Senate, 86% of the governing party's members having voted to change the party's position on the Senate from reform to abolition.
07/08/2013 02:16 EDT
The B.C. Election: The Pitfalls of

The B.C. Election: The Pitfalls of Flip-Flopping

Here Warren Kinsella's oft-repeated maxim rings true. In Kinsella's latest book he states that what is true of car crashes is true of political life. When polled, voters will insist they hate negative ads. But when they thinking no one is looking they will slow down, take a look, and remember what they see.
06/11/2013 02:31 EDT
Manitoba's Inevitable PST

Manitoba's Inevitable PST Increase

In the 2011 Manitoba general election, NDP leader Greg Selinger claimed opposition accusations that the NDP would raise the PST were "total nonsense". These comments came back to haunt him as Progressive Conservative MLAs repeatedly rose to their feet in the legislature this week to question the NDP on their 2011 PST referendum stance.
04/25/2013 06:34 EDT
The Divisions Within Sask.

The Divisions Within Sask. NDP

On March 9, 2013, the provincial NDP crown once again eluded Ryan Meili, a family physician from Saskatoon, losing to the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Saskatoon Massey Place, Cam Broten, by a slim margin of 44 votes.
04/15/2013 04:41 EDT