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Colette Kenney

Colette Kenney

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Five Shortcuts for Finding True

Five Shortcuts for Finding True Love

We live in a fast-paced world, so who doesn't love a good shortcut? Especially if it helps you find true love. If you're a woman reading this, by extension the most important thing to you in life, is love. So please, take these 5 shortcuts to heart. Embody them. Live them every single day.
12/21/2012 08:38 EST
Five Ways to Make a Great First

Five Ways to Make a Great First Impression

Did you know that it takes just one-tenth of a second to make a first impression? It's true. So that just goes to show: Making a good first impression is super important, because you only really get one crack at it. To help you make all of your first impressions at KarMingle events first class, we've prepared a top five list of things you can do:
12/12/2012 08:37 EST
How to Get What You Need -- Not What You

How to Get What You Need -- Not What You Want

I've noticed a trend with singles and couples I have worked with of having an "attachment to the outcome." So many of us have it -- this attachment to what we want to have happen. But we want what we want. And we expect it to happen just like we planned. And it robs us of our peace, contentment, and happiness.
07/24/2012 02:53 EDT
So You Want to Open Up Your

So You Want to Open Up Your Marriage...

So, you're happily married. Really, truly! But you meet someone who just...pushes your buttons. Ever consider a polyamorous relationship? Opening up your marriage to the possibility of another partner can be very complicated, but rewarding -- as long as the lines of communication stay open, and honesty is the focal point.
07/17/2012 12:41 EDT
Hey Ladies, What's Stopping YOU From

Hey Ladies, What's Stopping YOU From Proposing?

So many women ask the same question: why won't he propose? Well, this week, a man wrote in and flipped the script -- hey ladies, what's stopping your from proposing? (Or for that matter, asking men out on dates, and paying for that date?) We've come a long way from the 50s, maybe we should start acting like it...
07/11/2012 07:33 EDT
WHY Won't he

WHY Won't he Propose?

OK, it's been covered before, but women still have questions (all the time!) about just why men won't propose. What is it about the act that freaks men out and makes women weak in the knees? A conversation with a married man helped clear things up a bit...
07/06/2012 07:36 EDT
What to do When He STILL Won't

What to do When He STILL Won't Propose

You and your boyfriend have been together for years, you're perfect together, in fact he's told you that you're <em>the one</em>. So what gives? Why won't he just propose already? Here's some advice for those who lay awake at night wondering when -- if ever -- the big day will come.
06/28/2012 07:52 EDT
Why Herpes Won't Ruin Your Sex

Why Herpes Won't Ruin Your Sex Life

So, it's happened. You've contracted herpes from a partner. Maybe you knew about it, maybe it's a surprise, but it might be a bit of a wrench in your gears -- at first. It doesn't mean that will never date again and it doesn't mean that you are "damaged goods." Read on to get some helpful tips for moving past the diagnosis.
06/20/2012 07:42 EDT
What To Do When Old Baggage Haunts Your New

What To Do When Old Baggage Haunts Your New Relationship

It's just so typical. You spend all this time complaining about being single, and then when you find a great new guy you start freaking out! All your old baggage starts reappearing, and you're not quite sure how to deal. Follow these tips, from self-reflection questions to a mock-conversation with your partner, to banish the past where it belongs!
06/13/2012 07:55 EDT
Lust, Attraction and Attachment -- Know the

Lust, Attraction and Attachment -- Know the Difference

When a girl has been on 300 dates (only three of them promising) she may start to think she is doing something wrong. Here are some things to consider when the dating scene seems rough, and you start to question what you want.
06/05/2012 05:03 EDT
How to Deal When You're

How to Deal When You're "Undateable"

Dear Colette, I've been online dating for a few years now and I haven't had all that much luck. When I write to the men I'd like to know better, their replies are either nonexistent or downright mean. I know the reason that they do this: Men are visual, and I'm not all that much to look at. I know that. What is a woman like me to do?
05/24/2012 04:24 EDT
What To Do If He Doesn't

What To Do If He Doesn't Propose

Isn't it totally frustrating? You're with the man of your dreams. He tells you how much he loves you. He tells you that he wants to be with you forever. And yet he refuses to pop the question. So what gives?
05/10/2012 05:09 EDT
How Do I Stop Freezing in Front of

How Do I Stop Freezing in Front of Men?

In school I was always the popular one. I wound up having a child at 22. Now I'm 27 and I've been single for four years. I use to be carefree and fun loving and I had so much faith that I would eventually meet the right person. But now, it seems all of my self-confidence has dissipated.
05/10/2012 02:59 EDT