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Colin Mangham

Drug Prevention Expert

Dr. Colin Mangham is an expert in the field of prevention and has worked in the field since 1979. Over this time, he has written numerous prevention programs for schools, communities, and parents that are in use today. A Ph.D in School and Community Health, Dr. Mangham has developed and taught many university courses in health promotion, school health education theory and methods, community program planning, drugs in society, and epidemiology for non-epidemiologists. He has conducted research and evaluation in prevention for federal, provincial, and non-profit organizations across the country. Dr. Mangham is a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Public Health, and a member of both the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy and the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse.
Change My Mind: Should Taxpayers Support Drug

Change My Mind: Should Taxpayers Support Drug Users?

While drug abuse is a widespread problem, it's fair to ask: Whose problem is it exactly? With the recent controversy surrounding Insite -- a facility where drug addicts can safely inject themselves with drugs using clean syringes and under the supervision of trained nurses -- the question is: Should Canadians be funding such a facility? In our latest "Change My Mind" debate, Daniel Werb of the Trudeau Foundation argues yes; Dr. Colin Mangham, who works alongside several anti-drug policy bodies, argues no. Whom do you agree with? Cast your vote!
06/14/2012 12:02 EDT