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Corina Walsh

Leadership Coach, Author of The Engaged Employee Blueprint, Keynote Speaker, Founder of The Engaging Leader Coaching Program

Corina Walsh is a creative innovator who is passionate about helping people, teams, and businesses reach new levels of success. As the owner of her own consulting and coaching practice she designs custom training and coaching programs in the areas of employee engagement, performance management, leadership and emotional intelligence. <br> <br> Corina holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Master Of Education in Lifelong Learning. She is a certified Coach and is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor. Corina is the Newfoundland Chair of Gro Your Biz, a mastermind group for women entrepreneurs and co-founder of the Strong Women Society. <br> <br> As an engaging speaker Corina entertains and motivates audiences through storytelling on topics such as work, leadership, learning, and careers.
Three Ways Women Can Empower Each Other in the 21st

Three Ways Women Can Empower Each Other in the 21st Century

Women today are blessed with choice. Women in the Western world get to choose whether they want a career, to have kids, or both. It seems to be a rule of law however, that whatever choice a woman makes today someone is ready to point out that her choice is the wrong one.
08/15/2015 09:07 EDT