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Coro Strandberg

A leading Canadian corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy and governance consultant and thought leader.

Coro Strandberg is President of Strandberg Consulting and a nationally recognized corporate sustainability consultant and thought leader working with businesses, government and industry associations to envision and innovate a sustainable future. She provides strategy and governance advice to organizations seeking to become sustainability leaders in ways that generate business and societal value. Coro conducts research and develops tools on leading corporate social responsibility and sustainability trends and practices which she posts to her website at She is an associate with Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. Coro was named the top CSR consultant in Canada by Canada’s Clean50 in 2015.
The Bold Approach Of Transformational

The Bold Approach Of Transformational Companies

The transformational company recognizes that global forces such as accelerating climate change, rising inequality, growing resource scarcity and changing customer expectations are affecting the context in which it can succeed and thrive. To build its social license to grow, it future-proofs its operations and supply chains by tackling social problems through its core business model.
02/29/2016 04:05 EST