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Craig and Marc Kielburger

Co-founders, WE Charity

Humanitarians, activists and social entrepreneurs, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger are co-founders of WE, an organization that makes doing good, doable.

WE works with developing communities in nine countries, and empowers youth in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom by connecting them with global issues and social causes. WE Day is the annual celebration of these young change-makers, held in more than 15 cities worldwide.

Marc and Craig are syndicated columnists and authors of more than 10 books, including The World Needs Your Kid, and the New York Times bestseller Me to We. Their work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as on CNN, BBC, 60 Minutes and The Today Show, and in People, Time and The Economist.

The Schools Keeping First Nations Kids From Turning into CP

The Schools Keeping First Nations Kids From Turning into "Phantoms"

In the small First Nations community of Moricetown, in central B.C., teens haunt the convenience stores and gas bars, their lives adrift. Locals call them "phantoms." Cain Michell, then 14, was one of them. His life changed when Moricetown teachers Tom and Lorna Butz came knocking in 2012,
09/04/2014 01:12 EDT
The World's 51-Million Refugees Are Living in Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The World's 51-Million Refugees Are Living in Limbo

Clemantine Wamariya went years without taking a shower. Living with the filth and stench was still preferable to risking rape in a refugee camp bathroom. It would be six more years before she again had a home not constructed out of blue and white United Nations tarps, and several more years before she became a Yale University grad and activist for displaced peoples. Wamariya's incredible success story is a testament to what refugees can achieve when every day is not just a fight for survival.
08/29/2014 08:11 EDT
Africa's Booming Population Needs Agricultural Kielburger Blog

Africa's Booming Population Needs Agricultural Innovation

Africa's 600 million hectares of uncultivated land -- more than half the global total -- adds up to a recipe for a better food future. Agricultural innovation, education, and the resulting empowerment of women and girls promises to make the coming population boom a turning point toward truly sustainable development.
08/22/2014 05:10 EDT
If You Give Women in Poverty the Right Tools, They Will Matt Finlin

If You Give Women in Poverty the Right Tools, They Will Flourish

Although she attended primary school, Daisy's family couldn't afford the fees to send her to high school. But when Barengetuny was 19, development workers began travelling from village to village by motorcycle, including her community of Motony, introducing women to the micro-finance "merry-go-round." Now she's an established businesswoman.
08/21/2014 12:09 EDT
Why Archbishop Desmond Tutu Is Focused on Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Why Archbishop Desmond Tutu Is Focused on Forgiveness

What astounds us is that, despite everything he saw and endured during the apartheid years, Tutu remains one of the most joyful human beings we know. A laugh is never far from his lips. When music plays, he is the first on his feet dancing. We can only attribute this to his mastery of the art of forgiveness. Tutu's soul remains unburdened by anger and vindictiveness.
08/14/2014 03:52 EDT
Malala's Father Is Also a WPA Pool via Getty Images

Malala's Father Is Also a Hero

Malala Yousafzai has recovered to become a crusader for universal education. Less often do we hear about Ziauddin -- or "Zia", as he is affectionately known -- who was the family's first crusader. He is his daughter's greatest champion and confidant.
07/31/2014 12:49 EDT
International Games Need To Focus On Building A Better Michael Wheatley via Getty Images

International Games Need To Focus On Building A Better Future

Among the incentives to host a major international sporting event is the promise of an enduring legacy of infrastructure for future generations of athletes and citizens to enjoy. It seems that the global athletic events of the future will leave something other than crumbling ruins behind, as short-term sporting venues are built with social development in mind. We can only hope so much for Toronto's 2015 Pan Am Games. With a total budget of $1.44 billion, the creative opportunities for a sustainable legacy, like the athletes themselves, know no limits.
07/28/2014 01:32 EDT
Kofi Annan: Global Solutions Will Be Defined by Getty

Kofi Annan: Global Solutions Will Be Defined by Youth

Is it just us, or does the world feel a bit scarier lately? The world needs experienced leaders -- grizzled global firefighters with the wisdom to staunch the flames and guide us through turbulent times. One is Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations.
07/24/2014 12:38 EDT
Remembering Greatness: Happy Birthday, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Remembering Greatness: Happy Birthday, Madiba

Nelson Mandela would have been 96 this week. It's the first birthday since his passing -- celebrations replaced with mourning and reflection. With the passing of Mandela, humanity lost a quiet voice of reason -- one we still sorely need in an increasingly polarized world. In honour of Mandela's birthday, here are some of our own fondest memories of "Madiba."
07/17/2014 05:23 EDT
To Save Lives, Canada Needs More Diverse Organ Getty

To Save Lives, Canada Needs More Diverse Organ Donors

The chance to save lives is simple--become an organ donor. The chance that someone from a particular ethnic group will receive an organ, like Canada's aboriginal and South Asian populations, is a little more complicated. We're a diverse country, but does our donor pool match that diversity? In Ontario's predominantly caucasian communities, up to 50 per cent of residents are registered. But in more diverse areas like the GTA, the registration rate is around 14 per cent.
07/13/2014 10:51 EDT
Are We Really AP

Are We Really "Too Busy," or Are We Just Watching YouTube Videos?

The Economist totalled the time that has been spent watching the "Gangnam Style" video -- 16,000 years. The magazine then asked the question, "What humanity could achieve if it weren't galloping in front of computer screens?" And when was the last time you said, or had someone say to you, "Oh I'd love to do that, but I'm too busy."
07/10/2014 12:30 EDT
Teen Politicians Give a Voice to Their Getty

Teen Politicians Give a Voice to Their Generation

Many teens spend their babysitting money on something to listen to --music downloads, movies or concerts. Morgan Baskin put hers into being heard. The 18-year-old high school senior is running for mayor of Canada's largest city. Amidst the international circus that is Toronto municipal politics, Baskin is a glimmer of hope.
06/30/2014 01:09 EDT
Are You Doing Your Part to Fight Child

Are You Doing Your Part to Fight Child Labour?

While much of the onus lies on individual nations to strengthen their laws and enforcement against labour exploitation, van de Glind also pointed out that Canadians can do our part, too. And if exploitation continues because it remains profitable, we as consumers can make it less so. Before checking out the half-off sale at that popular clothing chain, do your research. Check web sites to read what companies say about their sourcing. If the information isn't easily available, write the company and ask. The more pressure companies feel from customers, the more attention they will pay to ethical sourcing.
06/26/2014 01:19 EDT
Canada's Dumping Its Trash in Another Country's Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canada's Dumping Its Trash in Another Country's Backyard

Something's rotten in the port of Manila -- and the stench is 100 per cent "Made in Canada." In June, 2013, 50 school bus-sized shipping containers arrived at the docks of the Philippines' capital city. Philippine media reported how port officials cracked the giant crates open to find tonnes of plastic mixed with garbage -- including dirty diapers.
06/05/2014 06:01 EDT