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Craig Dave

Craig Dave is the founder of eraseworkplacebullying & a passionate advocate for safe & healthy workplaces, a digital publisher, avid musician, marketer & world traveller

I’m Craig Dave and I’ve used my more than 15 years of language consulting with international clients such as Ericsson (Sweden), the University of Veracruz (Mexico), Monterrey Tech (Mexico) & Niigata University (Japan) to explore the ways that culture, gender & ethnicity collide in corporate environments to produce hostile, even toxic workplaces.

This prompted me to explore the topic of workplace bullying in greater depth, culminating in the 2015 launch of my media property Erase Workplace Bullying. Through my training programs, I help frustrated employees interrupt, resist and unmask workplace bullies on the spot so they can get back to contributing their greatest gifts at work.

The Workplace Bully Institute 2014 Survey reveals that 72% of American employer reactions either condone or explicitly sustain bullying and less than 20% take actions to stop it. The reality is that Human Resources have an obligation to protect businesses from workers (rather than the other way around.)

For this reason, I’m a passionate believer in equipping targets of workplace bullies with the insights, tips, tricks & tactics they can use on the spot to protect themselves first and break free from their workplace tyrant.

I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face because my
students are using what I teach them to stand up for themselves, set clear boundaries, deal with emotional vampires, get unstuck & rebuild a resilient identity and personal brand that is "bully proof".
3 Ways To Exterminate Rumour Mongering At

3 Ways To Exterminate Rumour Mongering At Work

It doesn't matter whether you're from Wall Street or working the phones in a cubicle, whether you're a journeyman welder or a coding genius .. we are all vulnerable to becoming the target of a false rumour in the workplace.
12/02/2015 12:47 EST
How Workplace Bullies Push Whistleblowers to the

How Workplace Bullies Push Whistleblowers to the Brink

The only way to give a whistleblower a pair of "concrete shoes" is to create unbearable conditions on the job -- such as assigning onerous tasks unrelated to the job or enforcing obscure codes of conduct -- until you sink to your lowest point & either quit or refuse to cooperate.
07/21/2015 04:59 EDT
How To Get Management To Break Up With Your

How To Get Management To Break Up With Your Boss

A workplace bully mistakenly believes that hassling, nagging, micro-managing, and scolding others is the only way to "get things done." From the outside looking in, it's clear that these individuals, whether they are co-workers or managers, suffer from a distinct lack of imagination.
06/23/2015 07:54 EDT
Why Workplace Bullies Get Away With

Why Workplace Bullies Get Away With It

Looking to stop a bully in his tracks? Defeating a workplace bully requires a combination of wit, tactical thinking and a measure of good luck. The good news: I can help you get a "leg up" on how to interrupt and unmask a bully at large without putting your good name at risk.
06/17/2015 12:36 EDT