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Craig Harding


In a city where italian restaurants are ubiquitous, Chef Craig Harding is turning Campagnolo into anything but. The restaurant nestled on Dundas West near Bathurst is a casual space with some serious food. Featuring everything from his love for bitter greens to nose-to-tail dining, Harding is ready to amaze even his toughest diners. But don't worry, the dishes still pay homage to his Nonna, who's still his greatest mentor in the kitchen.
Better Living: Just Add

Better Living: Just Add Wine

One aspect of my job that I have learned to cherish over the past few years is the beauty of wine. Growing up, wine was always around my family (but whether it was good wine is a different story). Nevertheless it was something that I never fully appreciated and understood until recently.
07/08/2013 04:36 EDT
Inspiration Is No Further Than Your Own

Inspiration Is No Further Than Your Own Backyard

Having such a diverse group of vendors working with us at Dundas West -- from butchers to fish mongers, bakers to coffee roasters and the most amazing seasonal farmers market -- makes my job as a chef that much easier.
05/21/2013 12:27 EDT