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Crisy Buck

Mom, leader, DAREarts graduate

Crisy Buck is living proof that the arts aren't just for entertainment — they save lives. Dance, drama, music and fine art were instrumental in giving Buck the creative problem solving skills and tenacity to escape the pitfalls of a tumultuous childhood. As an adult, they have inspired her to become the person she is today: a strong mother giving her daughter the opportunities she never had.
How The Arts Saved My Betsie Van Der Meer via Getty Images

How The Arts Saved My Life

To be honest, I don't remember the specifics of what I learned about Mozart, Baryshnikov and Rembrandt. What I remember, though, is how it gave me the coping mechanisms to get through the worst parts of my childhood: poverty, severe bullying, an absent father, an abusive boyfriend with an addiction problem. Now that I'm a mother myself, I continue to pull from the lessons I learned through the arts, which gave me the strength to escape, to strive and to create a better life for myself and my daughter.
05/05/2016 01:21 EDT