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From chatting on set with actor Zach Braff and debating the food crisis with Michelin-starred chef Lora Kirk to interviewing Olympic gold medalist Kim St-Pierre, Crystal Chan is a journalist who has covered stories big and small. She's covered many disciplines but specializes in arts coverage and features. <br> <br> She is a managing editor at the classical and jazz music magazine <em>La Scena Musicale</em>. <br> <br> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hooked on Culture: Crystal Chan's Website</a>
Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond Exercises

Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond Exercises "His Right to be Loud"

"I really like the writing process, the conceptualization of new music," Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond says. "Then recording it, it becomes so real and unveiled. And when you start touring, same thing; you're sort of punched in the face by reality."
07/26/2011 02:29 EDT