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Cynthia is a writer, iphoneographer, and general lover of life and good things. Residing in Charlottetown, she's busy reinventing, reiterating and revamping a life outside of the machine. Evidence of a digital footprint can be found here or here
PEI Politicians Need to Listen to the King's College

PEI Politicians Need to Listen to the People

If you've spent any time in P.E.I. of late, perhaps you've witnessed the placards and bumper stickers posted everywhere pleading, "STOP PLAN B." A brief synopsis of the sordid tale is that essentially the Federal Government told little old P.E.I. they've got millions of dollars set aside for us if we agree to a realignment of a teensy portion of the Trans Canada Highway. The only catch is that we've gotta pay for some of it too.
10/30/2012 05:31 EDT