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Dale Mikkelsen

SFU Community Trust Director of Development

Dale is the director of development for the
UniverCity Project at Simon Fraser University’s
Burnaby Mountain campus. The UniverCity
community is being developed around “Four
Cornerstones of Sustainability”, including
Environment, Equity, Education, and Economy.
Prior to joining SFU, he was the lead project planner
for the City of Vancouver’s 2010 Athlete’s Village. He also acted as the City’s Green
Building Planner.
He is the father of two wonderful little kids, and tries to live an active and sustainable
lifestyle as a model for his children.
How A Green Daycare Is Raising Green

How A Green Daycare Is Raising Green Kids

The children born into one of Metro Vancouver's newest communities will live and learn in homes and schools that are at least LEED Gold. Their childcare centre, part of SFU's UniverCity, celebrates its first anniversary this month, and is expected to be certified as Canada's first Living Building - which is to say, the first building with a zero environmental footprint. These are youngsters who will believe, absolutely, that it is possible to live in a sustainable world because they will have spent their whole life in a sustainable community.
04/22/2013 12:23 EDT