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Dan Kelly

President, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Dan Kelly is President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). In this capacity, Dan is the lead spokesperson and advocate for the views of the Federation's 110,000 small and medium-sized members' businesses across Canada. Follow Dan on Twitter @CFIB and learn more about CFIB at
This Holiday Season, Support Your Local Small Shutterstock / JeniFoto

This Holiday Season, Support Your Local Small Businesses

Later this month, we will see one of the largest shopping days of the year: Black Friday, where hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on electronics, clothing, books and jewelry. Unfortunately for Canada's small businesses, not to mention the Canadian economy as a whole, many Canadians choose to flock across the border on Black Friday.
11/11/2015 01:53 EST
Small Businesses Need Your Getty

Small Businesses Need Your Support

There is no denying that some Canadians and Canadian businesses are negatively affected by the current state of affairs in the economy, particularly in the energy sector. Global forces are at work, yet the constructive response is to put local forces to work by supporting Canadian small business. It's not just good for the economy, but it also builds stronger communities when we support our neighbours.
06/11/2015 12:31 EDT
Do We Really Need the Getty

Do We Really Need the Senate?

More than anything, it leads me back to the bigger question of whether the Senate is relevant at all. In my work as a small business lobbyist, I've met dozens of senators over the years, and many are wonderful people who take their appointment seriously and try to take on important public policy issues or causes. But do the costs outweigh the benefits? And if we do need a Senate, is the current structure delivering?
05/04/2015 12:50 EDT
Public Sector Workers Are Making Out Like Getty Images/Vetta

Public Sector Workers Are Making Out Like Bandits

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently released a report that leaves no doubt about this wage gap. Public sector employees are making a lot more than you are for doing the same job. To add insult to injury, public sector employees are also working fewer hours than you to earn their above-market wages.
04/07/2015 01:23 EDT
Canada's Free Trade Needs Some GEORGES GOBET via Getty Images

Canada's Free Trade Needs Some Work

In the midst of this new day of free trade between nations, it is precisely the right time to take a close look at our own back yard, and frankly, it needs some work -- particularly given the renewed discussion back home in Canada regarding the difficulty of doing business from one Canadian province to another.
08/29/2014 12:38 EDT
CASL Isn't Targeting the True Fotopress via Getty Images

CASL Isn't Targeting the True Spammers

I really don't think the Nigerian prince is reading up on Canada's new anti-spam laws. Offshore erectile dysfunction pill providers are likewise not going to stop pumping out the spam. But the local real estate agent trying to reach a few dozen strong referrals a year will now have a low cost form of marketing scaled back by government in the process.
07/09/2014 05:50 EDT