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Dan Kraus

National Conservation Biologist, Nature Conservancy of Canada

As a founding Board member of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council and holding a M.Sc. from the University of Guelph, Dan Kraus works as a conservation scientist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada in Ontario. He lives in the headwaters of Bronte Creek in the Lake Ontario watershed where he enjoys chopping wood and raising happy chickens along with contributing to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s blog
The Secret Behind Nature Conservation in shutterstock

The Secret Behind Nature Conservation in Canada

There are many reasons why nature conservation is important. We live in a vast and diverse country with habitats and rare species that need our help if they are going to survive. Nature and nature conservation are an important part of our Canadian heritage and our identity.
06/26/2014 01:23 EDT
How One Little Mussel Changed the Great Lakes Getty

How One Little Mussel Changed the Great Lakes Forever

The rainbow was once widely distributed and common in many rivers and creeks in southern Ontario. Today it is extremely rare. While we did our part in obliterating the rainbow by polluting its river home, today, the number one threat to this species is invasive, non-native zebra mussels.
06/05/2014 01:00 EDT