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Dan Pontefract

Author of FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization | Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office

Dan is author of “Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization” and is also Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office; an organizational culture change consulting firm. Previously he lead the leadership development, learning and collaboration technology strategy at TELUS where he introduced the TELUS Leadership Philosophy (TLP), an open and collaborative-based leadership framework for all 40,000+ TELUS employees in addition to a litany of social tools and the pervasive learning model. Engagement improved from 53% to 83% in five years. A renown speaker and practicing futurist, Dan believes today’s organizations can be so much more if only they thought about employee engagement first.

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Stressed Out Employees Stress Out the Organization

What if you were in a horrible job and it resulted in more visits to the doctor's office? What if the Western world was actually getting unhealthier as a result of unhappy careers and even unhappier workplace environments? What if there were health consequences to the predicament employees face in their current positions?
04/30/2014 09:28 EDT