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Dana Ben Halim

Founder, Heart Learning Centre

Mom of three, forever educator, lover of life and storyteller. Dana Ben Halim is the Founder of the Heart Learning Centre.

A TDSB School Asked My Autistic Student Not to Attend Graduation

I walked up to the principal and said: "I am Priya's caregiver and I know this is none of my business (or so I've been informed), however I want you to know that what's happening here this morning is wrong. This student was asked not to attend this graduation -- don't you find that a bit discriminatory? She has the right to be here just as everyone yet you're asking her not to attend school until 10:30 when it's over?" She looked at me firmly and said: "I call it setting up kids for success. And if you're that upset talk to the dad."
06/25/2015 12:44 EDT