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Dana Marie Krook

Writer, editor and cupcake enthusiast (

Senior Coordinator of Program Development by day, freelance writer/editor/researcher by night, Dana Marie Krook is a firm believer in "having it all"--which, of course, means chasing your dreams, your bucket list and your cupcake craving as far as necessary. She loves word games, yoga, running and super-hero movies, but would trade it all for the chance to see her first YA novel on the shelves of a bookstore.
3 Must-Visit Spots In Andrew Bret Wallis via Getty Images

3 Must-Visit Spots In Argentina

The plan was to start in Buenos Aires, the Paris of the south (a sprawling city of over 15 million), then travel north to Iguazu Falls (a series of breathtaking cascades running along Argentina's shared border with Brazil), before finishing off in Mendoza (land of the perfect Malbec grape).
10/27/2015 08:35 EDT
Would You Still Be Anti-Feminist If You Knew What Feminism shutterstock

Would You Still Be Anti-Feminist If You Knew What Feminism Was?

It's everyone's right to have an opinion. But here is what bothers me: they've got the wrong definition. They are basing their judgment of me, my beliefs and on feminism as a whole, on inaccurate information. What I am calling for is a re-education of women, and men, across North America. If you take a look at feminism's goal (one more time: equality!) and still want to tote a sign that says, "I'm an anti-feminist," I suppose that is your prerogative.
08/26/2014 12:24 EDT