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Dana McCauley

Food trend tracker and food product innovation executive. Creative force behind Food Trends TV on YouTube.

Dana McCauley knows (and loves!) the food business. A seasoned marketing executive, Dana specializes in using trend insight to grow food businesses. She has a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Starting always with sound strategy and competitive insight, she mobilize high value, cross-functional teams to launch profitable products that maximize the use of existing assets, increase revenue and define brands.

Dana is a polished speaker and engaging presenter who is a frequent keynote and panel participant. Her audiences range from groups at professional conferences and trade shows to more academic venues such as universities and even the Smithsonian Institution. She has appeared on television many times and was an on-air judge for two seasons on Food Network Canada's Recipe to Riches.
Why Food Trends Fascinate Nigel Killeen via Getty Images

Why Food Trends Fascinate Us

When I started writing about food trends way back in the last century, the conversation was simple: People wanted to learn what gourmet restaurant chefs were making and how those lofty creations could be made in home. Fast forward 20 years and interest in food trends has changed significantly, in the best way.
09/06/2016 09:53 EDT